What is Zoom?

Zoom is an internet service that allows conference calls with shared video. We’re using it to host the REPAIR meeting.


Installing Zoom

Zoom will work on a Windows or Mac computer, or on an Apple or Android phone or tablet. It requires software--an “app”--on your computer, phone or tablet to work. Installing that software is fairly easy.

You may have used Zoom before, and if so, it should already be installed and ready to go.

If the Zoom app is not already installed, you can get it in one of two different ways:

1.  When you click on the REPAIR meeting link, that will come up in your browser and should lead you through the installation. Please allow some extra time for this. Plan on joining the meeting 15 minutes early to allow time to get everything set up on your device.


2.  If you want to get it ready ahead of time, navigate to https://zoom.us/download and follow the instructions there.


For PCs and Macs, select the Download option under “Zoom Clients for Meetings.”


For iPhone / iPad, look for “Zoom Mobile Apps” and click the link with the Apple logo. This will get you to the Zoom app in the App Store:



For Android phones and tablets, look for “Zoom Mobile Apps” and click the green “Android” link. This will get you to the Zoom app in the Google Play store:



Joining the meeting

The REPAIR meeting announcement e-mail contains a link, a Meeting ID, and a Password.

You can join the meeting by clicking on the link. That link includes both the meeting- specific ID and the password, so it should bring you directly into the meeting.

If that doesn’t work, you can join the meeting by starting the Zoom app and typing in the Meeting ID and Password when prompted.

You can get details for your specific device at the following page. Just scan down the page for your device and click to open the step-by-step instructions:



REPAIR notes


At the start of the meeting, we will place all participants on ‘Mute’ to minimize background noise and distortion. We ask that you stay on mute when you’re not speaking.

If you want to ask a question during the presentation, we will use the “Chat” feature. At each meeting, we’ll identify a specific REPAIR leader as the moderator, and he or she will be watching for your questions in the chat window.

You can learn about the Chat feature here:


During the meeting, you may want to change between “Gallery View” and “Active Speaker View.” In “Gallery View,” you will be able to see multiple people, which helps get a “sense of the room.” But during a presentation, you may want to switch to “Active Speaker View” so you can follow what’s being said better.

To switch between these views, look in the upper right corner of the Zoom app. You should see “Gallery View” or “Speaker View.” Clicking there will switch back and forth.

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