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Highlights from REPAIR events


Click here to access the REPAIR channel on YouTube

FEBRUARY 22, 2022: Civil rights attorney Dennis Parker tells the story behind the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, and explains why it is at the heart of some of today's most urgent controversies, from affirmative action and reproductive rights to Donald Trump's place on the 2024 presidential ballot. This video captures the Zoom feed from the REPAIR meeting of February 22, 2024, held at the Warner Library in Tarrytown, New York.

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FEBRUARY 16, 2022: THE LEGACY OF PAULI MURRAY. In commemoration of Black History Month, we honored one of the most significant yet often overlooked leaders of the Episcopal Church. Pauli Murray was an attorney, a civil rights activist, a poet and author, a priest, and an LGBTQ pioneer. Her story and her gifts to us were explored by the Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Kaeton, Katherine Franke of Columbia Law School, and REPAIR leader Dennis Parker. View the program on the REPAIR YouTube channel by clicking here.

JANUARY 19, 2022: A panel of local experts explained the meaning of Environmental Justice and describes efforts in Westchester County to ensure a healthy environment for all people--including steps we can take to support the cause. Featured panelists include Anjali Sauthoff, Delia M. Farquharson, Paul Presendieu, and Rev. Gregory Simpson. View the program on the REPAIR YouTube channel by clicking here.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2021: LOOKING AT CRITICAL RACE THEORY. Once a little-known academic topic, CRT has become a political hot button, We examined what CRT really involves and how it has been used to inflame the culture wars and to stifle rather than stimulate debate. View the program on YouTube by clicking here. Access the slide presentation with links to useful information sources by clicking the PDF button on the right.

APRIL 28, 2021: RESEARCHING OUR HISTORY. The Black presence in our communities has gone unrecognized for too long. We learned about how to study and understand our true racial histories--and how to use what we learn to make our communities better--from Joyce Sharrock Cole, Ossining Village Historian; Lynda Jones, vice president of Historic Hudson Valley; and Sarah Cox, chair of the Commemorating Enslaved Africans in Irvington Committee. View the program on YouTube by clicking here.

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JANUARY 27, 2021: POLICING IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY. We heard from distinguished panelists Mayo Bartlett, Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., and Kathy A. Kaufman, PhD, about current efforts to reform police practices in our communities AND what we can we can to support this movement. View the program on YouTube by clicking here.


Alvin 3

Radio host Alvin Hall shares the real story behind the legendary Jim Crow-era travel guide THE GREEN BOOK


"Upstander" training in how to respond safely to bullying or harassment


National Book Award-winning author Ibram X. Kendi discusses his book STAMPED FROM THE BEGINNING


Hosting participants in the March for Justice from New York City to Albany


REPAIR serves as a Westchester site for the 2016 Trinity Institute program on race


Author Lauren Chivee (left) discusses her book about the power of diversity, CROSSING THE THINNEST LINE


Attending the Poor People's Campaign rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.


Screening of the acclaimed film I'M NOT RACIST . . . AM I?


Bishop Dietsche visits the REPAIR table at the 2019 Absalom Jones celebration at St John the Divine


REPAIR members mapping community assets in the Rivertowns

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 7.59.15 PM

Via Zoom, activist Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., explains his work on behalf of police reform in Westchester County

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