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The Liturgy of Healing

On November 16, 2016, in the wake of a momentous national election that reflected the realities of a fractured and troubled nation, REPAIR members gathered for a special meeting. We shared our thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears, and concluded the evening with a Liturgy of Healing. Composed by David Laurance, then a member of REPAIR's organizing committee, with contributions from other members of the committee, this liturgy expressed many of the emotions we were feeling as a community.

The national election of November 2020 has left many Americans--including members of REPAIR--feeling similarly troubled. In response, REPAIR convened a similar meeting on December 2, 2020, held via Zoom, to allow people to share their concerns about the future of our nation. That meeting was concluded with a slightly abridged version of the Liturgy of Healing prepared by our organizing committee member Janice Landrum.

In response to requests from a number of REPAIR members, the form of the Liturgy of Healing used at the 2020 meeting is made available here.

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